March 2012

Sister Group Spotlight: Jouett 2!

March 27, 2012 Sisterhood

It’s an unseasonably warm day for mid-March, and the Bigs and Littles of Jouett 2 are taking advantage of it.  On the group’s play day, Facilitators Jennie Williams and Kelsie Kelly gather Big and Little pairs outside Jouett for some water balloons, basketball, and pictures.  The atmosphere is relaxed and light-hearted, and the Sisters cheer […]

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Sister Group Spotlight: Burley 2!

March 21, 2012 Sisterhood

The atmosphere in the classroom where Burley 2 meets on Thursday afternoons is one that might be characterized by the comfortable and relaxed friendship between the YWLP women. As the girls file in to the room, each Big and Little pair heads to a table, excitedly talking about their weeks, and what they have to […]

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Sister Group Spotlight: Burley 1!

March 12, 2012 Sisterhood

Immediately upon entering the classroom where Burley 1 meets, it was easy to feel the high energy and observe the great level of comfort the girls have with each other. They began joking and bantering without missing a beat, seemingly picking up right where they left off the week before. The group started with a […]

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