YWLP International Sites

YWLP has expanded beyond domestic sites to international ones. Read on below to find out more!

Adama, Ethiopia

Through collaboration with the University of Virginia, Seeds of Africa launched the  Young Women’s Leadership Program. The program brings together young women leaders from high schools in Adama and students at the Take-Root Center, allowing participants a safe space to learn from each other.

Program Leader Tsigereda, an extraordinary high school student, has been leading the YWLP this past year. She believes that this program is very important for Ethiopian girls as adolescence, or the ‘fire age’ as it is known in Amharic, is a very challenging time for young women. She believes that through discussion with these girls, she is able to begin a valuable dialogue about some of the potential tensions that exist for women in Ethiopian society and reflect upon her own behavior.

“Through this experience and the discussions that I lead with these girls,” says Tsigereda. “I am learning to be the kind of woman I want to be. Most importantly, we are able to build our self confidence as active young women together.”

Tsigereda feels that the most important topics for women in Ethiopia today are menstruation, nutrition and personal hygiene. She looks forward to continuing the discussion this year!

To visit the Seeds of Africa website, click here.

Buea, Dschang and Kumbo, Cameroon
The Young Women Leaders Program Cameroon was founded by Curry Doctoral student Caroline Berinyuy in the summer of 2009.

YWLP Dschang works in cooperation with the Lycee Bilingue de Dschang, the Lycee Classique de Dschang, and at the community-centered military base. In Kumbo, YWLP works with girls in Government Bilingual High School, Kumbo, Government Bilingual High School, Kikaikom, Government High School, Kitiwum, and the Islamic High School Kumbo. There is also a Sister Site at the University of Buea where Big Sisters are all college women.

The program serves as an international initiative geared toward engaging high school and middle-school aged girls. The need for a program such as YWLP in Cameroon was determined through the assessment of middle-and-high school girl dropout rates in comparison to the rates of their male counterparts. For middle-school aged girls in particular, dropout rates were especially high. YWLP Cameroon hopes to increase school retention rates and promote leadership skills in young girls. Among the successes of YWLP, it has brought college women back into middle and high schools to serve as mentors and role models for younger girls, providing a way for girls to take care of each other across ethnic and linguistic lines. YWLP is excited to have its second International Sister Site!

For more information, please contact Sophie Parh: malafaparh@yahoo.com for Dschang, Yilen Marietta: yyilen@yahoo.com for Kumbo, and Lamnyuy Wingo: aishatouberi@yahoo.com for Buea.


Maxixe, Mozambique
Our first international Sister Site! PROLIR, Promoção de Liderança de Raparigas (Girls Leadership Program) is a girls leadership program started within a community outside of Maxixe, Mozambique.



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